Ep. 142 When You Think Of Cake, You Think Of Butt w. Dan Toro

Break out the Depends 'cause this week Daniel Toro of the popular Insta, TikTok, & Youtube Mancake joins Muñoz for a pants wetting, laugh riot of an episode! Join them as they cover everything from lactose intolerance, Dan's love for baking, being ass men, and even growing up and coming out in the foster care system! You really don't want to miss this!

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The only Queer Food Podcast on the airwaves where host Michael Muñoz brings the best food news and tells the stories of the LGBTQ community through a food lens.

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Brooklyn born food writer and podcaster Michael Muñoz has been on the food scene since 2009. First with his blog The Kitchen Gaily, then writing for W42st Magazine and now running the only Queer food podcast on the airwaves, In Yo Mouth. Muñoz is your quintessential food hostess with the mostess, reporting and commenting on the latest in food trends, gossip, and more!