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22nd Jul 2020

Ep. 126 Never Give Up On Your Lasagna w. Dr. Jay of Chop Happy

Zen, Gratitude, & Joy is what's cookin' in the In Yo Mouth kitchen this week as former Next Food Network Star Contestant Jason Goldstein of Chop Happy joins Muñoz! This fun and inspirational episode is filled with laughs, lasagna, & love! So, pour yourself a glass of Hallmark Christmas Wine and snuggle up to this very Chop Happy episode!

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The only Queer Food Podcast on the airwaves where Host Muñoz wants to know what you eat from the streets to the sheets!
IN YO MOUTH is the biggest, gayest food podcast to hit the airwaves with Michael Muñoz as your hostess with the mostess! Muñoz is a cook, food writer and all-around big gay ball of sunshine that wants to know what you're putting In Yo Mouth from the streets to the sheets! Formally hosted by a dynamic duo that included Marie Cecile Anderson for 80 fab episodes, Muñoz has ventured out solo to explore the latest and greatest LGBTQ people in the culinary world, food news, trends and more! Put that IN YO MOUTH!

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Brooklyn born food writer and podcaster Michael Muñoz has been on the food scene since 2009. First with his blog The Kitchen Gaily, then writing for W42st Magazine and now running the only Queer food podcast on the airwaves, In Yo Mouth. Muñoz is your quintessential food hostess with the mostess, reporting and commenting on the latest in food trends, gossip, and more!