Your go-to food podcast with a large side of RAUNCH sauce!


IN YO MOUTH! – THE PODCAST – Hosted by Muñoz & Marie




IN YO MOUTH is your go-to food, sex, life podcast guaranteed to quench all your cravings! Hosted by Michael Muñoz (of the well-known NYC food blog The Kitchen Gaily), and Marie Cecile Anderson (from the acclaimed country/comedy duo Reformed Whores). Get to know them as they dish about the latest food trends, hot topics, living in NYC, and much, much more. Muñoz & Marie are the perfect pairing and will definitely leave you begging for seconds!




Muñoz & Marie have been working together in NYC for the past 13 years in the food & beverage industry and have a ton of stories to share. Celebrate their friendship as they dish about all things food, sex, and life!