IN YO MOUTH with Michael Muñoz!  




IN YO MOUTH is the worlds first big gay food podcast that explores what you’re eating from the streets to the sheets! Hosted by food writer, cook, self-proclaimed Instagram sensation and big gay ball of sunshine himself, Michael Muñoz, In Yo Mouth quenches all your podcast cravings. Join him as he exlpores the world through a food lens, talking all things food news, trends, hot topics, life in NYC and much, much more! He will leave you salivating for seconds! 





A note about the 1st 80 episodes. 

Episodes 1 through 80 were hosted by dynamic duo Muñoz & Marie Cecile Anderson (of the critically acclaimed folk-pop comedy duo Reformed Whores). Anderson, after much meditation, sadly decided to turn over the keys to the podcast to Muñoz to pursue her true dreams of comedy, acting, and of course her incredible band. Muñoz & Marie had been working together in NYC for the past 13 years in the food & beverage industry and it was a joy to share the podcast mic and celebrate their friendship.